Working with slanted walls and windows in FFXIV

It’s not like me to miss new furnishings in a patch, but that’s exactly what happened with Patch 5.35 (yes, I know we’re pretty much at Patch 5.4 now)! It wasn’t until just a couple weeks ago I even realized there were new furnishings that I could preview, and I immediately made a shopping list for myself.

The most intriguing new items for me were the slanted wall and window. I remember seeing the design in the furnishing design contest that Square Enix held earlier this year. It wasn’t one of the winners, though, so I never thought they’d actually make it!

But they did, and I was obsessed with finding a way to build with them—partly because they reminded me so much of all the loft builds I’ve been obsessed with in the Sims 4, and this was a chance to bring it to life in FFXIV, too.

First things first: Picking a build site

Normally, the first thing I do with any new build ideas is test them out, and experiment with them to see how I can get them to work. And because I currently have full builds going on in both of our houses, I thought I’d do something new and test them out in my partially constructed (but mostly abandoned) FC room.

It was an interesting experiment, actually, because I tend to rely so heavily on lofts and lowered ceilings, especially in apartments and FC rooms. They’re just so small, and it’s nice to have the extra space.

These, by contrast, forced me to rethink how I used my limited horizontal space because I couldn’t use vertical space so much—and it’s also one of the few builds I’ve done where you can actually see the natural ceiling!

Here’s what I learned working with them:

1. They’re actually really easy to work with.

To be fair, most partitions are easy to work with in FFXIV. But I thought these might be a little awkward just because of their angles.

After playing around with them for a bit, though, I decided that their hit boxes are really well-placed—I didn’t have any trouble getting them to do what I wanted! They even place much closer to a building’s default walls than I would have expected, which is nice since they cut off so much head space.

2. Their angle is really well designed.

This might seem like a weird statement, but hear me out. The entire reason why rooms in FFXIV are tall enough to build second stories in the first place is to allow the game’s camera to move around—which is why when you start building small spaces and lofts, it tends to freak out a little.

Which basically just means that your furnishings are blocking it from what it’s supposed to do, so it can’t zoom properly. Which then makes it more difficult to keep building said small space or loft.

The thing with these new additions is that they have enough of an angle that they very definitely stand out, but they aren’t angled so much that they cause a problem with the camera. Actually, the only time my camera freaked out at all was when I decided it was a good plan to build a tiny room directly under the angle and then take an overhead picture.

3. Their snaps are a little weird.

I use the in-game snap grid any chance I get. I find it so much easier than trying to line everything up myself—though it does get a little annoying sometimes because the angle of your camera can change exactly where your item snaps to.

The way the slanted walls and windows are set up, they seem to snap to a place where the windows stick out into your house further than the walls do, which at least for me then turned into a lot of time spent trying to line up the trim properly so it wouldn’t be double-trim.

Even then, it still looked weird to me—but after a bit of experimenting, I learned it’s easy enough to get around it by placing the windows one snap grid mark further back than the wall.

All in all, though, I really like the new addition—and can’t wait to show you guys my finished loft build next week!

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    1. Honestly I sooo get that! I’m much more likely to just stumble across something these days than actually know where I’m starting haha

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