Tabletop Tuesday: I made (another) race for Pathfinder

Tabletop Tuesday: I Made (Another) Race for Pathfinder-feature

I’ve been pretty terrible about updating you guys about how our Pathfinder game with my created race is going. So here’s a quick update for you:

  • It’s incredibly fun to play, especially as a summoner
  • I had no idea how to play a summoner so I built her all wrong
  • We’ve party-wiped three times so far but our DM is very nice and gave us all one chance to use in situations like that

The other day, when Shane came home with a challenge from his DM to create a race with 41 RP points (which his group will have to face later, ha), I took up the challenge—and decided to sneakily create a 20-point version that I could use.

You know, just in case we party-wipe again.

Meet the Lympasi.

This new race is based really heavily on the depiction of the Greek gods in the Disney version of Hercules. Like straight-up looked at a picture and figured out how to build something just like that.

Even the name, the Lympai, is basically just a shortened form of Olympai, the Greek word for Olympian.

If you choose to use it, I hope you enjoy it—and I hope you, too, get Zero to Hero stuck in your head every time you win a fight.

Lympai race (Lympasi)

The descendents of an ancient race of mythical gods, the Lympai carry the history and magic of their ancestors with them. They are the last connection with the beliefs of that ancient society, and although some traditions and features have been lost over the centuries, they are careful to keep their ancestry intact as much as possible. Their legends tell of a god who descended from the heavens atop a sacred mountain to protect the world from calamity, but fell in love and lived out the rest of his days on the surface as a mortal. This is believed to be the start of their race.

They can find themselves tied to tradition, which occasionally causes a youngster to abandon their home in favour of adventure, but that is a rare occurrence. For the most part, they distance themselves from other races, preferring to socialize amongst themselves. They can be rather naïve about the outside world.

Physical description: Lympasi have a very humanoid appearance. They are typically quite tall, ranging between 6’ to 7’ for women and 7’ to 8’ for men. The surface dwellers who do know of this race revere them for their classical looks; the men have strong, straight features, and women have graceful, delicate features. They are often the source of inspiration for wandering bards’ tales. The only thing that distinguishes them from tall humans is a light, otherworldly glow—they can extinguish it at will, but most do not as a sign of respect for their heritage.

Their coloration is very similar to the wide range of human populations. They tend to prefer flowing clothes that do not hinder their movement.

Society: Closed off from most of the world, Lympasi live in a society that reminds one of a much earlier time. They tend to use odd, outdated phrases, which are completely normal to them.

All Lympasi are trained as fighters until their 18th birthdays. Around this age, they tend to manifest unique powers, which can happen earlier if forced by extenuating circumstances. When this happens, they sometimes choose to pursue other callings, including scholarly and trades, although most of them do stay in martial training. Every member of the Lympai is required to act as a member of the military, which is inactive until needed. Their societal standing is based on their military standing.

Relations: The Lympai distance themselves from most other races. However, because they live in the foothills of their sacred mountain, they do work closely with dwarves, and have great respect for their society. They also have a giddy appreciation for any other races that they perceive as magic, especially elves, sylphs, and shapeshifters. This is usually a one-sided appreciation.

Alignment and religion: Lympasi are staunch and traditional, but believe firmly in kindness and respect. Most Lympasi are lawful, and nearly all are good. Their religion is tied to the gods of their ancestry.

Standard racial traits

Ability score modifiers: Lympasi are trained fighters. They gain +4 Strength, +2 Constitution, +2 Dexterity, and -2 Intelligence. They gain +4 Charisma for their looks.
Size: Lympasi are considered Medium creatures and receive no bonuses or penalties for their size.
Type: Lympasi are Outsiders (native) with ties to Heaven.
Base speed: Lympasi have a base speed of 30 feet.
Languages: Lympasi start play speaking Common and Celestial. Those with high Intelligence scores can learn any other language, except Druidic or secret languages.

Defense racial traits

Lifebound: Lympasi gain a +2 racial bonus on all saving throws made to resist death effects, against negative energy effects, Fortitude saves made to remove negative levels, and Constitution checks made to stabilize if reduced to negative hit points.
Natural armor: All Lympasi receive a +1 natural armor bonus to their AC.

Feats and skill racial traits

Quick reactions: All Lympasi receive Improved Initiative as a bonus feat.
Nimble attacks: All Lympasi receive Weapon Finesse as a bonus feat.

Senses racial traits

Darkvision: Lympasi have darkvision 60 feet.

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