How to float windows and wall items in FFXIV

How to Float Windows and Wall Items in FFXIV-feature

So after I posted my video about floating furniture arrangements in Final Fantasy XIV housing, I got a request to see how I’d floated the windows that I was using as a wall between the loft and the rest of the room. 

I recorded it pretty much right away, and it was super quick because it’s actually the first glitch I discovered when I was learning how to decorate in Square Enix’s needlessly restrictive housing districts. But then life happened, so I didn’t get to audio and editing until last night.

The video actually teaches two glitches:

  • The storage/subcommand glitch, which lets you place pretty much anything anywhere you want out of your storage, and
  • The wall item floating glitch, which lets you tell an item that would usually require a wall to float on its own

Both glitches will work for a lot more than just imitation square windows, so if you’re getting into decorating houses, be sure to keep them in your toolkit.

And now, without further ado, here is how to float imitation square windows (and any wall-mounted item, really) in FFXIV!

7 thoughts on “How to float windows and wall items in FFXIV

  1. How do you “fake grab” or click on something and cancel or click and don’t actually move something. Every time I clicked on something…it moves. I see many videos that suggesting this “fake grab” or grab and cancel technique, but I’ve never seen anyone explain how this is done.

    1. Oh! Like how I select and deselect in the video? I always use left click to grab and right click to cancel, you can use ESC to cancel too. I’m not sure on PS4 but I expect you can use X to grab and O to cancel 🙂

  2. This seems super straight forward, but whenever I get through all the steps the wreath I’m trying to hang snaps back behind the masonry fireplace. 🙁

    1. Usually when that happens, it’s because where you’re trying to float the wreath is too close to the wall behind the fireplace. Basically, you want to increase the space to give it nothing to snap to. It really depends on what your build looks like, but there are a few things you could try!

      1. If you built a wall using partitions behind the fireplace, you can split the wall, so you’d use one partition on one side of the fireplace, one on the other side. This leaves a gap, so there’s nothing for your wreath to snap to.

      2. If it’s a default house wall the wreath is snapping to, you could try interrupting its path. I did that recently by floating another partition through the fireplace, just behind its outer layer so the partition was invisible. Depending on your height/width limitations, you could either use a wooden slat partition or the thin side of a white rectangular partition.

      Hopefully that helps! 😊

      1. Yay! That worked perfectly! It must have been too close to the wall. It’s all cute now. Thanks so much. ^.^

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