3 ways to fit fall into your geeky photos

If there’s one thing I learned early on in blogging, it’s how important photos are. A nice one can be the deciding factor in whether someone reads your post—and not having one at all can leave posts feeling a bit textbook-ish. And, you know, leave you with little to put on social media.

And if there’s one thing I learned slightly later on in blogging, it’s that sometimes, you just have to mix things up.

I’m usually a firm proponent of a consistent aesthetic, especially with platforms like Instagram that depend on it. But I recently discovered that Blogtober is a thing, and since I’m so fond of fall, I thought I’d investigate ways to fit fall into blog and Instagram photos!

Here are a few of my favourites (and some I’m going to try out!):

Adding a little bit of colour

I’m sure you’ve noticed, but I tend to gravitate toward blues, pinks, and purples for my photos. That’s not by accident; it’s a generally accepted practice with blogs and especially with Instagram accounts to focus on a few signature colours for a cohesive look.

In fall, though, those colours are a bit out of place, and I tend to see a lot of accounts using yellows, oranges, reds, and browns. Usually in the form of bright leaves, pumpkins, and wood.

Since that’s not really my style, I thought I’d try looking for a subtler way—colours don’t need to be vivid to feel like a season. One of the things I’m working on currently is a revamp for the Academy, including its own Instagram account, and this is what I’ve been experimenting with for its fall aesthetic:

Lesson learned: A filter can make all the difference!

Adding fall shapes

Okay, this one I’ve definitely been guilty of in the past. Last year, around Halloween, I found a couple of adorable gourds when Shane and I went for our pumpkins, and of course used them for my October posts.

May or may not be why I decided to stop using orange in my photos, because I couldn’t seem to edit it properly.

But I still love the idea of using a few all-white pumpkins or gourds, or other small trinkets that remind me of fall for seasonalizing photos!

Using fall textures

One thing I never overlook in my photos is the backdrop. Burlaps, knits, and general snuggly items are all associated with fall, as the weather starts to cool off. Especially here in Canada.

These items can be in your normal colours—even just switching out sandals for reading socks creates a lovely fall vibe.


What’s your favourite way to change things up for fall photos?

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