The Girly Geek’s 2019 holiday gift guide

Is it seriously that time of year again already?

Last December, I got distracted by my Instagram feed halfway through telling a story about how much I love Lego games, and decided that I’d write up a list of gift ideas for the geek on your shopping list.

I had so many people thanking me after that—so of course, y’all get a new version again this year.

It was slightly trickier to come up with a list this year, because well, I couldn’t even think of ideas for my own birthday or Christmas list. But here’s what I’ve discovered this year for the geek on your list!

Yoshi’s Crafted World

Of course, I couldn’t start my list without a game! And this year, I’m going a little more focused than Lego games at large.

Specifically, I think Yoshi’s Crafted World is a great pick for any gamer on your list. It was one of my game obsessions this year for a few reasons:

  1. It’s true to the nostalgic Mario side-scroller style, with a few more modern tweaks
  2. It’s adorable
  3. It works for most different age groups

Jordandené’s clothing designs

Fact: Geeks love T-shirts. Especially ones that display inside jokes from fandoms we consider an irrevocable part of our identity.

Brooklyn-based Jordandené knows this, and has a whole line of clothing (not just shirts) that sassily reference just about every fandom out there. All of her designs are hand-lettered and printed on sweatshop-free clothing for extra Christmas cheer.

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I can’t vouch for the shirts because I’ve never worn them, but I love seeing the designs she comes out with!

The Basic Geek’s shirts

Also fact: Some geeks like subtler designs on their shirts, and that’s why I love the Basic Geek’s designs. Creator Melissa takes a more minimalist approach, and tends to focus more on Game of Thrones, Star Wars and comic book content especially.

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Again, I can’t vouch for them because I’ve never worn them, but they’re just really sweet and simple designs.

Skinit’s console and controller stickers

If you have a gamer on your list who loves collecting custom controllers, but maybe doesn’t have room for them all (not that I know that feeling at all), stickers are a great option!

Skinit has a library of designs for all of today’s popular consoles and any fan base, from Hello Kitty to Green Bay Packers to old-school Batman, and in the off chance you can’t find something for your geek, they have custom options, too. The stickers themselves are easy to apply, and don’t leave glue residue behind if your geek decides to change it up.

Plus, you can save 25% if you put in code “GIRLYGEEK” at the checkout!

Nanoleaf’s RGB light tiles

This is a great pick for any geek who loves interior design (or just wants a super-cool living room).

Nanoleaf’s wall-mounted lighting tiles are modular, so your geek can create any pixelated design their little heart desires, and set it up with customized colours and even sounds on some of the high-end models.

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Storybook Cosmetics’ makeup brushes

This pick made the list last year, and it’s making it again this year for a very good reason.

A great choice for any makeup-loving geek, this brand is all about book- and story-based fandoms—with a special spotlight on Harry Potter. And funny enough, I mentioned their wand-shaped makeup brushes last year—and can you guess what showed up under the tree for me?

That’s right, Shane already knew I wanted them before I even wrote the list. And now that I’ve had a whole year to test them, I can tell you they really are a great gift for any Potterhead who loves makeup.


Have a geek you buy for? Share your gift tips in the comments!

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