Life update: Quarantine, self-worth, and what I’m playing

Yesterday, I was talking to one of my work friends about the current situation, and realized that I’ve now been home for eight weeks. It sounds like a long time, but in hindsight at the time, it didn’t really feel like it!

It did, however, get me thinking about everything that’s happened in the last eight weeks. Because realistically, even though I’m not really going anywhere, there’s still a lot happening.

So today, because I haven’t been feeling inspired to write any of the previous ideas I had, I figured I’d share an update on my life from the last two months!

I’ve been completely lost in Animal Crossing

I, like a lot of the world right now, have been wildly obsessed with this game ever since Shane brought it home for me, to the point where he laughs at how quickly I pick up my Switch in the morning when he heads out for work.

For me, it’s become both a fun challenge for my designer brain, and a fun escape from the current reality of lockdown. And realistically I’m sure that last one has been a huge factor for a lot of others, too.

My latest project, along with trying to crossbreed for every possible flower colour, has been using a new 3D island designer program to create my dream island based on some of the inspiring looks I’ve found on Instagram and my own fun ideas!

The program’s still very much in its early stages, and it seems to be pretty demanding in terms of resources, but if you’d like to try it out, you can find it here.

I’m also starting to look into what I have to do to get my dream villagers on the island, which could be more of an adventure than I’m betting on because of the current prices of Amiibo cards.

I got my first ranked position in League of Legends

About two weeks ago, Shane and I went on an absolute blitz trying to get my account up to level 30 so I could play ranked games with him. The obsession started because I was trying to learn Senna, the newest support character, and discovered there was a prestige skin for her that was a partnership between Riot and Louis Vuitton.

If you’re not familiar with it, the MOBA game does two main types of draft games; one where you play against anyone and everyone, and another where it places you in a rank and then matches you with people in the same rank.

I’ll admit, I was perfectly happy in normal draft because all I wanted to do was play with Shane, but it was still pretty cool knowing where the game thinks I’m at! Plus, now we generally have a better chance of avoiding anyone creating smurf accounts—low-level accounts with high-level skill.

I’ve actually been enjoying being home

It shouldn’t really be a surprise after my experience two years ago now, when I was home for six months with nothing to do except max out all my crafters in FFXIV, but I am really enjoying being home again.

It’s a little different this time around because I am still working, fortunately, so I have more of a structured schedule. But I’ve gotten so used to working in pajama bottoms that they’re going to have a hard time getting me back into the office!

It’s also made it much easier for me to work on things for the blog in my lunches and in what would normally be my commute times, and though I’ve learned my lesson about committing to dates for things, I’m excited to start sharing what I’ve been working on when it’s ready!

That said, the work burnout is real

As much as I’m grateful that I can still work right now, things have been just crazy. And let me set the bar a little bit here; marketing in general is crazy, so for me to say it’s crazy means it’s beyond that.

It’s been causing a lot of burnout for my poor little brain, which then carries over and affects what I can do for my blog. So between games and maintaining a nice self-care regimen, I’ve been trying to find and put myself through sessions and training to help build up my creativity again.

Hopefully this week, I’ll be able to go through my lists and come up with a bunch of new ideas for you guys!

I’ve also been going through a lot emotionally.

I’m not sure how to talk about what’s been going on, or if I’ll ever really be ready, so I won’t go into too much detail for now. But aside from the sadness that does come with isolation sometimes, I’ve been going through some things in my personal life that have been causing a bit of depression and lack of self-worth lately, which makes it difficult for me to really engage here and with Instagram.

Luckily, it’s something that I can work through, and it’s actually helped being home because I’m not sure how I’d deal with it around other people. But in any case, thank you all for being here.


How have you been? What's happened for you in the last little while?

One thought on “Life update: Quarantine, self-worth, and what I’m playing

  1. I finally picked up ACNH and I’m so obsessed with documenting everything that I made my character her own Instagram! I surprisingly haven’t touched FFXIV or my crafters since I finished the original SHB story line lol I feel like I’m so far behind!

    I use to collect the AC Amiibo cards AND NOW I CANT FIND MY BINDER. I’m so upset lol. I’m about to flip this apartment upside downnnn this weekend to look for it!

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