Bright and airy Chic St reno

When I first got the City Living expansion for the Sims 4, I couldn’t wait to move a Sim into their very first apartment. There was just something fun about the idea for me; unlike a lot, I was going to be pretty limited in what I could do to change their home.

The first apartment I picked? 1310 21 Chic Street, one of the cheapest starter apartments in the game. It was ugly as heck, but a good price range for the brand-new Sim I’d made to live there.

It didn’t take me long to figure out just how limited building in an apartment can be—especially when you have windows and doors that you can’t change or move.

That started quite the reno for this little apartment.

I absolutely hated the layout for the apartment when I started. The rooms were cramped, the kitchen was weird, and there was no real reason for it to have two bedrooms, at least for what I was doing.

At first, I tried to work with the existing layout, but that only ended up with some uncomfortable bathroom layouts that may or may not have put things like showers in front of windows. So eventually, I just knocked down all the walls and started again.

Because of how small it was, I opted for an open space with a glass divider between the bedroom/office corner and the rest of the apartment. I figured that way, at least, I could keep the bedroom relatively close to its original place, and still have the natural light from all those windows carry through to the main living space.

Overall, I’m incredibly happy with how it turned out. If you’re curious about what I used to build it (it does involve a lot of CC), let me know!

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