White rectangular partitions

It’s been a while since I did a good old-fashioned item review post, so that’s what we’re getting back to today!

And with that, I wanted to discuss one of the absolute staples in every build I do: the white rectangular partition.

Along with the stage panel, the white rectangular partition is one of the only partitions in FFXIV that doesn’t have any kind of trim. That makes it essential for a lot when it comes to building, including creating furniture, any kind of DIY trim ideas, and the lofting glitches on my YouTube channel.

Though it’s sometimes a little frustrating in that it’s only about half the height of a normal partition, it has one major advantage over the stage panel: It doesn’t have all the beams out the back, or the silver pins on all sides. This makes it exceptionally useful for building trimless walls in small spaces.

Of course, it has other uses, too!

One of my favourite uses for the white rectangular partition is to make custom kitchen cupboards, like I did in my coral split-level condo build. It can be pretty time-consuming, but I always think it ends up being worth it to have a kitchen I’d actually want to have!

It also works exceptionally well to make ceiling features. This can be as simple as creating a set of beams like I did in my condo build, or as complex as the trellis ceiling I did for my true blue beach house.

As a bonus, once you’ve floated a white rectangular partition up into the air, you can actually attach wall-mounted items to the bottom of it. Which doesn’t sound super exciting, but it’s the only way I’ve discovered so far to make skylights out of the smaller new windows and the cracked arch window.

Quick facts

Where to get them: Craftable by a level 30 goldsmith (you’ll need a level 20 alchemist for one of the ingredients)

Dyeable: You bet!

Glitchable: Yes! It works with the partition floating glitch and can be floated through floors.

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