Peacemaker’s shaker kitchen

I’ve been obsessed with Peacemaker’s designs for about as long as I’ve been building with custom content in the Sims 4. He was actually the first artist I ever discovered—and there’s just something about his work that keeps me coming back like no other.

As I was thinking about it the other night, I realized that what I love about his sets is that they’re a clever combination of real, modern design style with just enough Sims art style, without actually being a Maxis match.

In other words, they’re just enough to make me feel like I’ve built something that could feasibly be real, without going overboard to create real-looking textures. I find that tends to happen a lot, especially with wood textures, and then they just end up looking busy!

One of my all-time favourites of Peacemaker’s stuff is his shaker kitchen set.

See, even in real life, I’m a sucker for a shaker kitchen. They evoke the classic farm style I grew up with, and add a nice modern flair that works with just about any style and colour scheme. And this set captures the feeling really well.

So without further ado, here’s why this set is my absolute go-to in the Sims 4.

It checks all the boxes for a shaker kitchen set.

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about building a shaker kitchen in our house, and whenever I do, there are a few things that just have to be here. You know, things like the iconic square frame on the cabinet doors, at least one style of glass doors, and those classic drawer pulls.

Apparently, Peacemaker had the same must-have list when he made this set!

All of his cabinetry has that iconic frame, though it’s a little more subtle in design than some of his other sets, and the hardware is all exactly what you’d expect to see. He also designed some adorable glass upper cabinets—my only thing is that I wish there were options that didn’t limit them to corners and ends.

But realistically, those are easy enough to work with!

It allows for a lot of customization.

One of my favourite things in general about Peacemaker’s sets is that they all come with a whole bunch of custom colours and designs, which he uses for most of his sets so they all match. I actually don’t think I’ve ever seen one of his items come with less than 20 colours!

He also tends to organize them in more or less the same order for every item, and sorts them out by countertop colour, so it’s easy to find the selection you want.

I love the range with this particular set because you can go with classics like white marble (my standard style) and black concrete, or you can opt for more rustic designs with a wooden countertop. It makes for a gorgeous moody coffee shop vibe with black cabinetry!

It’s got a lot to work with.

Normally, CC sets come with maybe up to 20 or so items—but this one comes with more than 50. Peacemaker even acknowledges that it’s one of his biggest on the pack page!

What’s mind-boggling is that each of these items is its own unique mesh. He does that for almost all his sets—and if not, it’s because it’s a recolour of a base-game item, so there’s no hunting around for a mesh that might not exist anymore.

Now, this set is that big because it’s much more than cabinets. It comes with its own appliance set, along with a whole pile of decorative items, from a custom range hood series and lighting to knife blocks, jars and much more.

I actually tend to use these pieces in a lot of my builds, even if I don’t use the kitchen itself!

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