My 5 must-haves for fall gaming

We’re just over two weeks into the house now, and I’m finally getting to a point where I don’t feel like we live in a cardboard box fort! I actually only have a handful left in the more obscure parts of the house, and my new morning routine is picking through them slowly before work.

Since moving day was so long, the first thing I made sure to unpack was the PS4 and its requisite cables. After all, it’s one of Shane’s favourite ways to unwind, and his best friend/basically brother was staying over, so I knew we were going to need it!

After that came the food and dishes, obviously—but not long after, I was in any boxes I could find with a metaphorical shopping list of gaming essentials. And for me, that was all about comfort and practicality.

And well, warmth now that it’s consistently below 10 Celsius here!

Warm blankets

The absolute essential for me. I love being warm when I’m gaming, and this time of year, that requires big fluffy blankets! I especially love them for console games because I can just tuck my hands under the blanket with the controller and keep playing.

Cozy sweaters

Another essential, but sometimes a little overkill with the right blanket! I love piling on sweaters either when I’m on the PC or using the Switch, because well, blankets usually require some maneuvering so the sleeves are much easier.

Thermal pants

A cozy sweater wombo-combo.

Obviously if you’re not bundling up in a blanket, you’re going to need to keep your legs warm. Sometimes, pajama pants cut it, but for the most part, I rely on some absolutely magical tights with fuzzy lining because at least then I don’t look like a total mess when the food delivery person shows up.

Reading socks

I used to be a huge fan of slippers, but I realized once that they’re not so convenient when you’ve got your feet propped up on the couch. In fact, they like to bail out, and that just isn’t what you want.

Now, I love reading socks (an Indigo staple) because they don’t go anywhere—and they also protect any parts of your calves that might get exposed to a wandering breeze.

And a power block

I know, this doesn’t really fit with the rest of the list! But think about it:

You’ve just settled yourself into the most comfortable possible position on the couch. The blanket’s perfectly placed so there’s no cold air getting in. You’re about to start up your game and there it is—your controller’s battery is low.

Now. Do you want to get yourself up out of that wonderful situation, or do you just plug your controller into the power block you had handy?

I rest my case.

What’s your essential for fall gaming?

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