Heroes’ Feast: Exploring the food of D&D

About a week ago (wow, was it really only a week?!) I happened upon a story about a new book that was coming out for D&D. Unlike most books, though, I wouldn’t find any class guides or spells in it; it contained a completely different kind of homebrew, if you will.

It was Heroes’ Feast, an official, Dungeons-and-Dragons-sanctioned cookbook featuring recipes from all along the Sword Coast.

I immediately preordered it, and promptly forgot about it until I got an unexpected knock on the door today.

And now, I’m excited about it all over again.

Because we’re off on a tasty adventure!

One of the things that’s always captured my imagination about fantasy worlds is what the food might taste like. My brain picks some weird fascinations for it, too; things like Butterbeer, the so-called “grey stuff” from Beauty and the Beast, medieval mead.

Because most of our Dungeons and Dragons campaigns start in a tavern with at least one of us getting wildly hammered on questionable wine (and because these beginnings often spark conversations about what exactly constitutes “good food”), I’ve always been curious about what one might find on the menu in such a tavern.

That’s exactly why I was so interested in this book.

It breaks out recipes by the races that created them, yes—but then it gives you an example at the end of each chapter of what the menu might look like, say, at the Yawning Portal in Waterdeep. Which may or may not have been the starting point for my first campaign ever.

So now, I’m excited to get back into our D&D games so I can try building out a fantasy menu and testing it out on my friends, from dwarven mulled mead and potions of restoration (yes, there’s an official recipe for that now) to iron rations, elven bread and more!

What’s one fantasy food you would love to try out?

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