Lofty attic apartment

As promised last week in my post about slanted walls and windows, today I’m taking you around my FC room!

Normally, I struggle with apartments and FC rooms just because they’re so small, and because you get such a small furnishing allowance. So I don’t really like building with them too often.

But Shane just got me to watch Sweeney Todd for the first time a few weeks ago, and I’ve been obsessed with tiny house challenges in the Sims 4 (where you’re only allowed so much space), so the moment I saw the slanted walls and windows, I knew I just had to build them into an airy attic loft.

A loft with a (surprisingly open) plan

One of my biggest struggles with smaller homes is that they need to be relatively open, or FFXIV’s camera struggles with them. I always get these grand ideas for designs that require walls to hide the bits I glitched, and that doesn’t work in small spaces!

With this build, I wanted to try and do it without any unnecessary walls—but that meant finding new ways to differentiate spaces.

Obviously, I still put walls around the bathroom (I’m too rural-North-American not to, really), but by only using half-walls instead of full walls, you still get the lofty effect of the slanted walls.

A unique bedroom design

Where the open plan in this loft really shines, though, is the bedroom. Instead of opting for closing in the bedroom, I decided to make it the showpiece of the loft by leaving it completely open. It’s also the only spot in the loft with colour, so it’s naturally where the eye should go!

By placing it on its own platform, and framing it with curtains too, you still get the sense that it’s a different space without feeling like it’s separate from the rest of the build.

And of course, we have to talk about the kitchen!

Kitchens are a particular favourite of mine in FFXIV because the game really doesn’t include any good ways to build a convincing one, so it all comes down to the builder’s creativity.

Though this is a lot simpler than many of my builds, I love how this kitchen turned out! It’s the first one that’s gotten a clear stove area, and the open-face shelves (which are actually the top step of wooden steps) were really a labour of love to get them to do what I wanted.

It’s actually styled after one of my favourite combinations from my Sims 4 kitchens too, with pure white uppers and ashy brown lowers.

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