Ishgard housing: How to save enough gil for a house by Patch 6.1

If you haven’t heard, we all got some very exciting news last Friday in the live showcase for Final Fantasy XIV. Not only did Yoshi-P show us all the new expansion, Endwalker, and its upcoming healer class, the sage—he also finally dropped when we can expect to see Ishgard’s long-awaited housing district.

Officially slated for Patch 6.1, the first major patch after Endwalker’s release in the still-somewhat-vague Fall 2021, it’s likely that we’ll see the gates open to the Firmament around December or January, just based on the timelines we saw for Shadowbringers.

Which means that if you’re ready for an Ishgard home, now’s the time to start saving!

First up: How much will you need for a house?

This depends on which size of house you’re looking for. There are two main things that affect how much your house will cost: Its size, and its grade.

Along with size, each plot is graded on a five-step scale that affects its cost. On that scale, a fifth-class medium house would cost you 16 million, where a first-class one would run you 20 million. Personally, I always save for the most expensive class of the size I want, because worst case I have some gil left over.

SizeFirst classSecond classThird classFourth classFifth class

Now, houses in FFXIV do depreciate over time, but all houses in Ishgard will be the full prices at launch—and given the hype, I think I can pretty much guarantee none of them will be given a chance to depreciate.

On top of this, you’ll also need to buy a permit to build your house, which costs:

  • 450,000 for a small
  • 1,000,000 for a medium
  • 3,000,000 for a large

You don’t need to do this right away, but if you don’t build a house on your newly purchased land within 45 days, it counts as an auto-demolition and you will lose the land. You can keep an eye on this in your timers menu.

Pro tip: Good news for those of you who already own a house! You won’t need to buy a permit to relocate, and you will receive 30% of the minimum value of your current home toward the new one. This minimum value is based on the game’s scale for lowering a house’s price when it’s been on the market too long.

SizeFirst classSecond classThird classFourth classFifth class

So for example, my current house is a fourth-class medium, which means that if I wanted to relocate, I’d get 2,529,600 toward my next home. If you’re not sure what class your house is, you can find a lovely colour-coded guide to all the housing areas here.

Now that you know how much you’ll need, let’s talk about the real question here.

How you can make enough gil for a house

It can seem pretty intimidating to make the money we’re talking about here, especially with a short timeline, but luckily, I have a few tried-and-true techniques that have helped me save up quickly for five different houses over my FFXIV career (is that the right word?).

1. Selling crafting and gathering materia

One of the key points of the Endwalker showcase was that there will be a new level cap when the expansion comes out—which means just like the start of Shadowbringers, there will be a new tier of level 80 crafted gear that gives people a massive item level boost. And crafters will likely need to be fully pentamelded to be able to attempt it.

That’s why one of my favourite ways to make gil quickly in FFXIV is to sell materia VII and VIII for crafting and gathering classes—people will always go through huge amounts of it trying to pentameld, so it’s always expensive on the market. I don’t understand it, because it’s so easy to get without spending!

You have a few options for getting this materia to sell. First, you can do regular collectables through the appraisers in all the major cities—I personally like rarefied espresso con panna because it’s easy to get materials for. I also recommend doing your weekly custom deliveries, the most generous being Ehll Tou in the Firmament and Kai-Shirr in Eulmore.

You can also use skybuilders’ scrip to buy all the VII and VIII materia options—even after the rebuilding is complete, I expect the Firmament will stay open right up until Endwalker comes out.

Note: Because of where the Firmament is in the Foundation aetheryte list, I do expect that it won’t be available once Endwalker is out, and we don’t know at this point if any of its vendors will be moving anywhere else. Yoshi-P has already said that the new housing area will be open to visit only at Endwalker’s release, and I suspect that it will overwrite the Firmament in the aetheryte list.

If you’re not sure which materia to sell, your best bet is to check the market board both to see what current prices are, and how frequently it’s being purchased. Typically, I find craftsman’s command to sell the best.

2. Watching patches for new furnishings and gear

Between now and Patch 6.1, we’ll likely see close to 10 more patches—and each one of those brings the chance of new furniture, glams, and gear to sell on the market board.

Sometimes, these items will be craftable for next to nothing, like the wood slat partitions that just came out in Patch 5.45 and were selling for nearly 400,000 gil each on my server for the entire first day. I probably made close to 4 million just selling new furniture that day.

Sometimes, they’ll be map or dungeon drops—which makes them highly prized and all the more expensive. For example, when the Gulg planters first came out, they were selling for over a million until people figured out that they came from a dungeon!

And even if you don’t craft or have these items to sell, you can also make a good profit by flipping from other servers. All you have to do is make a little spreadsheet to track prices, then use the world visit system to find the lowest price, bring it back to your server, and put it up for sale there.

I will sometimes do a variation of this through an alt I have—if materia has dropped through the floor on my server, I’ll log in as my alt, travel to my regular server, buy up the materia I was selling, and take it back to the alt’s server to sell it.

It might sound weird, but it’s actually a really common practice for the big market crafters, which is where I got the idea.

3. Selling crops

I’ve written about this before, and I’ll say it again—crops are a fantastic way to make money in this game. It’s also a little funny in my mind considering the upcoming release of Island Sanctuary in FFXIV, which is basically going to turn it into Harvest Moon and I cannot wait.

The thing with crops is that they aren’t a quick-return thing. You have a lot of options, and you can do a lot with them—but they absolutely are more of a long-term investment strategy. They take a while to grow, and then can take longer to sell depending on market demand.

Personally, I have good luck with glazenuts and umbrella fig seeds—the former’s needed for crafting stations and a lot of the manor furniture, and the latter is needed for potted umbrella figs. They’re also a really easy microfarm option, and each can be grown independently in just one deluxe plot.

Here’s my current setup for crossbreeding glazenuts to get both the nuts and the seeds:


Then, because glazenut seeds don’t tend to sell well in my experience, I sell the nuts and use the seeds to crossbreed for umbrella fig seeds like this:

Prickly pineappleGlazenutPrickly pineapple
Prickly pineappleGlazenutPrickly pineapple

One other crop I like to grow is Thavnairian onions, which are a lot more complex and definitely rely much more on RNG. I’m lucky if I get two a month, so I consider them more of a bonus than any kind of dependable income.

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  1. oooh! I like the idea of the umbrella fig cycle pairing with the glazenuts. I run a glaze nut operation on my personal small, and am *hoping* for a medium upgrade soon, seems like they’d be great companion farms.

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