Moody industrial loft apartment

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time on Pinterest looking for ideas for what to build in Final Fantasy XIV. I mostly blame this on the fact that we’re also looking at redoing our kitchen, but that’s a story for another day.

Although there’s plenty of actual FFXIV design inspiration out there, I’ve taken to finding real designs that I think I could recreate. Then, I do my best to build them, usually with my own flair. It’s been a really neat way to learn new techniques and new possibilities for the game!

Mostly, I gravitate toward bright, clean builds, and even high-contrast Cali mod-style ones. But there was one that caught my eye that was just so different, I had to try! It was gorgeous, with a massive wall of windows and a dark, moody vibe that emphasized the natural light even more.

And that’s what this, my latest apartment build, is based on.

Moody vibes

Normally, this isn’t something I do much of, so it was a learning curve for me to change up my colour schemes. Even still, this is lighter than my source material, and is definitely missing out on the blue velvet sofa because I just couldn’t find the right shade.

It’s got me thinking I should try more like this, though, because I think it definitely lets some of the design features stand out more.

Suspension stairs

Stairs are one of those things in FFXIV where if you’re going to make them look realistic, they take a lot more work than you might think. Even with the wooden steps, I always end up covering them some way or another because on their own, they don’t look very organic.

With this build, even though it was an apartment with wildly limited slots, I wanted to try building a suspension-style staircase to the loft level. I’m really happy with how it turned out, too⁠—I might have to try it out in other builds!

Faux balcony

The original design I used as an inspiration for this build had a fire escape-style balcony to go with its massive wall of windows, but with the limited slots in an apartment (and especially after the stairs), I knew I wouldn’t be able to build a custom door or anything to do it justice.

So instead, I decided to take a slightly different approach by leaving the door open to show some outdoor space.

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