6 fantastic furnishings from FFXIV’s 6.1 patch

After tossing my hat in the ring yesterday for a new house, I couldn’t contain the housing fever—so I decided to check out all the new furnishings that came out with Patch 6.1. I’d seen a few in the patch notes that I thought would be exciting, and I wanted to see if I liked them as much in person as I did in the notes!

After much investigation, here’s what I think were great additions from this patch.

The garden gate

I don’t always pick outside furnishings for this list, but when I do, it’s also not the ones I thought I’d pick for this list.

Honestly, I thought I was going to love the new outdoor bath, but just like its predecessor, I found it was just a massive thing to have in a yard—which would make it hard to build around. I did, however, love the gate because it looks like such a versatile design, and even in the patch picture, it pairs beautifully with some of the existing furnishings.

They also did a good job with its hitbox, and it can sit incredibly close to your yard’s actual gate—so it looks like it belongs!

The Eulmoran divan

As offputting as its shade of fuchsia may be, this (dyeable!) bench is going to be one of the superstars from this round of furnishings, I think. Designers are always trying to build window seats, benches, and custom couches—and too often, these items have to sit along the wall because their padding is a pudding settee or some such thing.

This piece is going to go a long way toward giving designers more flexibility for things like this, and I can see it getting pretty popular.

The log rack

I am so excited about this furnishing, you don’t even know. It might not look like much, but we’ve never had an indoor furnishing before that had firewood in it, so I can see it being used for all kinds of highly modern fireplaces.

The curved marble partition

Lately, the team at Square Enix has been experimenting a lot with giving us rounded furnishings, and this is the latest addition. I’m sure it’ll have all kinds of uses for people, but my first instinct for it was using the bottom for a patterned ceiling!

The trick bookshelf partition

Who among us hasn’t wanted a secret library door at some point? Well, even if we can’t have one in real life, we can have one in-game now, and that’s something I’m very pleased about. These shelves may look unsuspecting, but walk close enough, and they’ll open up just like a door. I’ve been pretty seriously tempted to redo my Chocobucks design with them now!

As a bonus, these shelves are the first dyeable bookshelf we’ve gotten in the game, and they’re also the tallest bookshelves—so we can finally fulfill any fantasies of building Belle’s library.

The luminous wooden loft

I don’t know if I explained this in my Cali mod loft build, but the potlights under the top cabinets in the kitchen are the very bottom pixels of a series of unmelting snowmen. That’s right—potlights in FFXIV are snowman butts.

Well, they were, anyway.

This new furnishing is just like the existing wooden loft, but with the fun new feature of built-in potlights. I cannot wait to build with it!

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