Bright and comfy modern farmhouse

We’re getting close to the end of April, so before it’s all over, I wanted to share with you guys another build I’ve put together lately! This one is a particularly proud work of mine, and if I’m honest, I don’t know if I want to take it down. It’s just so comfy, and absolutely the kind of place I would actually live in.

So let me introduce you to my farmhouse design.

The living room

Originally, I found my inspiration for this build on Pinterest. At first, it was the ceiling that I wanted to recreate, but that wasn’t going to be feasible with how I wanted to allocate my slots.

So I thought about it, and realized what I really wanted was the airy, spacious coziness of the room, and designed around that instead. And of course, I couldn’t have a living room without a big TV and entertainment unit! It is still me, after all.

The entryway

Lately, I’ve been experimenting a lot with new ideas for designing doors over default doors. For the most part, those doors have been closed, but I saw an idea for an open door a while back and thought I’d try it out! After all, it’s perfectly farmhouse-y to have a screen door and leave your front door open.

It was surprisingly easy to do, too! It’s just a series of wood slat partitions that I floated up through the floor below to sit at the edge of the door frame.

The kitchen

Another thing I’ve been playing around with lately is kitchen cabinet styles. As much as I love the flat modern styles I’ve been doing lately, I also love a good shaker style—so the wood slat partitions came to my rescue again!

Unfortunately I ran out of slots to make the upper cabinets fancy, but still. I don’t think it misses out on anything.

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