4 furnishings and decor items I’m happy patch 6.5 gave us

As my fellow Final Fantasy XIV enthusiasts may know, patch 6.5—the last major one before Dawntrail hits us next summer—came out this morning. And of course, what’s the first thing I did but check out the new furnishings?

After all, the dev team had promised us that they were going to include some of the designs from the design contests this time around, so I couldn’t help getting a sneak peek in the patch notes. Which only made me more excited.

So what did they bring us?

The portaled partition

This is one of the furnishings that I was so excited about from the 2022 design contest! It looks like they made it pretty much exactly as the designer intended, and though I’m still working on getting my hands on a real version, not just a preview one, the fact that it’s called “portaled” gives me hope that we can indeed walk through the hole. Which was the one thing I was hoping they’d do.

Update: You can indeed walk through it!

It also dyes all over, which is a little different from how they normally do partitions, but overall it’s something I am extremely happy about because it means no weird trim.

The colossal chronometer window

This gorgeous old clock functions as a window, and though it doesn’t dye, I’m not even mad about it. Its original colour suits it well, and gives it a really classy look.

This is one of those furnishings that will likely only have one use, though I can see its potential for designers as a delicate doorknob as well, and that is to make you feel like you’re living in the clock tower from your island sanctuary.

Especially since it’s two-sided as a window, and not solid in the back, so it wouldn’t work as a suitable hobbit-hole door for the portaled partition. Not that I was hoping.

The faerie pendant wall light

These adorable little flowers, reminiscent of hibiscus, look like a very lovely and natural version of our own modern fairy lights. Although this is another one that I can foresee really only having one use, it’s a good use, and the way the flowers dye makes it worthwhile to me.

The fern interior wall

I don’t often talk about wallpaper in this game just because I so rarely leave the walls in my builds visible, but I think this wallpaper might convince me to give it a try.

It’s probably my favourite of the ones they’ve put out so far, a lovely balance of botanical and neutral that feels like something I might actually put up if I weren’t forever against gluing wallpaper.


What are you most excited about from patch 6.5?

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