Music to my ears: What I listen to while gaming

Random backstory tidbit about me: I am a very auditory person. I love background noise, music, rain sounds while I sleep—you name it.

So it comes as no surprise that the auditory aspects of gaming are a big deal for me. I love to have something in the background, and it all depends on the game—and what I’m doing—what I choose to listen to.

After all, sounds have a big impact on the overall gaming experience, and can really change your mood!

Here are a few of my favourite things to listen to.

The actual game soundtrack

I know, I know. Who would have thought of this one?

While I am a little picky about my game soundtracks, there are some that I can listen to without fail. I like the sort of soundtrack that can accompany the wildest action in a game, but then fade away into the background when you’re focused on something.

Final Fantasy in particular does an amazing job of managing this balance. Although I am still pretty new to the franchise, the two games I’ve played have used music perfectly to support the story (and all the feels).

Honestly, some of it, like the soundtrack for Snowcloak in Final Fantasy XIV, is even music I would happily listen to outside of the game. And that’s not to mention how I can listen to the chocobo song all day!

My own playlists

Another random backstory tidbit: I love to sing, even if it’s less than ideal for the people who have to hear me.

So, when I’m in this kind of high-energy mood, I like to pick out some matching jams. I have a few playlists set up for just such an occasion, including one of old Guardians of the Galaxy music!

A favourite TV show

I am notorious for getting myself into games and situations where I need to do many, many repetitive actions. You know, like the entirety of Minecraft, or the crafting actions in FFXIV, or even the daily watering of crops and brushing of animals in Story of Seasons.

Just to name a few.

When I get into games like that, I like to have something a little more absorbing to listen to. Having a TV show on in the background, while potentially devastating in more involved games, is a great way to push through repetitive actions!

It may also be why I’ve seen my favourite shows so many times

A few of my favourites?

  • The Office (U.S.)
  • The IT Crowd
  • Bob’s Burgers

Maybe it’s just me, but comedy shows like these are just light enough to actually help me focus on what’s going on in my game, as well.


What do you like to listen to when you play a game?

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