My adventures in Minecraft aquariums

Last Saturday, I had a toddler day.

See, I’m basically my dear boyfriend’s toddler. If there’s something wrong with me, he asks either if I’ve had a snack or if I’ve had a nap, and if the answer to either one is “no,” then it’s time to stop having a meltdown and have that thing.

It’s actually pretty funny how often that solves my problem.

But last Saturday, it didn’t.

I’d been storming around, wanting to be productive but not able to remember what I’d wanted to do. It was like I was a Sim who’d wandered into a room and had their action cancelled on them.

Did I need food?

No, I was full.

Did I need a nap?

No, I had too much stuff to do.

Did I need to sit down and play a game? It had been a while since I’d played anything on the consoles.

No, got stuff to do!

It wasn’t until Shane sat down a few hours later and booted up Minecraft that I stopped storming around. It had been long enough since we’d played it that there was a huge update, which left our loading screen full of fishes and undersea wonders.

It was actually bedtime for me at the time, but I resolved to come back and see what that was all about (and maybe build a massive aquarium in my house’s basement).

It wasn’t until a few days later that I made it back to the mysterious update—but as soon as I saw all those fishes, I was in love.

Here’s what I decided to build!

This smaller aquarium in the mansion's basement hallway leads to the larger tank!
The larger tank, although a little glitched, has an underwater tunnel for a first-hand experience.

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