PlayStation’s rose gold headset: A Girly Geek review

Back in August, PlayStation teased that they were going to be releasing a bunch of new colours for their controllers. That’s always something I’ve loved about them, the creativity that goes into their controller designs. They’re very good at staying on top of trends and knowing what the fans want.


One of the designs they teased was a beautiful rose gold one, and if y’all know anything about me, it’s probably the depth of my love for all things rose gold.

As soon as I saw it, it was like a Smash Bros fight in my brain: my obsession with having my own pretty pink controller in one corner, and my logical brain that knew we didn’t have space for another controller in the other corner.

Here’s roughly how it went down.

Obsessive me: Look how pretty it is! Are you looking? I don’t think you’re looking.
Logical me: I’m looking but we have nowhere to put it.
Obsessive me: So we can just look at the pictures on the product page then, that won’t be so bad, right?
Logical me: I guess not, but don’t get excited.
Logical me: *sighs and gets out the wallet*

So that fight was settled right then and there, and I spent about three weeks checking the product page every day for the headset preorder to start.

Fast-forward two months.

I was so excited when my headset arrived that I didn’t even wait for the little slip to arrive in the mail; I just went to the post office and picked them up as soon as the tracking number said it was ready.

And those of you who follow me on Instagram may have witnessed my struggle to get into the box, but let me just say it was all worth it. Here’s what struck me about the new headset!

The colour

Obviously, this is a big deal because it’s the only actual distinctive feature from any other kind of Gold headset. And I’m always a little worried with rose gold things because they can be either weirdly pink or weirdly copper.

I didn’t find that was the case with this set; it manages to lean toward looking pink without just being metallic pink. It’s quite pretty, and the only thing I’m sad about is that I can’t see them when I’m wearing them!

The fit

Fun fact about me: I have a big head. No, literally. It’s not often I find a hood or hat or anything that fits me. So I was pretty excited to see how this headset would fit.

I don’t know if it was designed originally to do this, but the headset is advertised as being able to fit over a VR headset. I’ve yet to test it out for that particular purpose but I must say, the wide design fits extremely nicely—it’s got some wiggle room, and the headband has the right amount of resistance so it can hug my head without squishing or being too loose.

Cue the Goldilocks reference because it’s juuuust right.

The sound

This was probably my favourite part about the new headset. I mean, I love the colour, but if it had had terrible sound quality, I wouldn’t have worn it even though it was beautiful.

But it has great sound quality. I’m a bass kind of girl, so I love both the depth of sound that comes through those little speakers, and the fact that the set actually comes with a normal mode and a bass mode. Guess which mode I use.

I also definitely appreciate that it has a built-in system for controlling the balance between chat volume and game volume. I don’t think it works with the drivers in Windows but hey, it’s a nice touch for when Shane and I start playing Diablo 4!

The Bluetooth

Another symptom of my impulsiveness was that when Shane asked me after I’d ordered the set if it would work wirelessly on my computer, I genuinely didn’t know. I didn’t do my research, and we didn’t install any Bluetooth or wireless adapters when we built my PC.

But I figured worst case, I would plug it into my computer with a USB cable and be done with it.

If I’d done my research, I would have known that it comes with a Bluetooth adapter that plugs into a USB port, so of course it works wirelessly on a computer with no adapter chips.

It was actually a really nice bonus, especially when I figured out I could turn on music on my computer, put on my headphones, and happily blast my cleaning playlist at full bass without disturbing anyone else in the building.

After all, one of the first things I did in our apartment building was incite the upstairs neighbour to ask me to turn down my music. So now I try to be conscious of it.

The mic

This is probably the only thing I’m genuinely disappointed in. Apparently this is a known thing, too, so if I’d read some reviews before impulsively buying the pretty pink thing I would have known about it.

Gold headsets tend to have weedy microphones, and my first Discord call with some of my FFXIV friends proved that. It makes my voice sound rather thin, so despite my hopes, it won’t actually replace my previous headset when I need to record actual quality sound.

However, it does redeem itself in that it has surprisingly good noise isolation, especially for the fact that it doesn’t have any kind of sound blocker.


What kind of headset do you use when you’re gaming? What do you like or dislike about it?

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