10 fun ideas for a geeky Valentine’s Day

I am a romantic at heart, so I always love when Valentine’s Day comes around. And I don’t mean in the middle school, passing out cards and little candies to all my classmates way; for me, it’s essentially a great excuse to do something special with Shane.

Not that we really need an excuse, but still.

So I figured this week, I’d share some of my favourite ways to celebrate, and a few I want to try myself!

Curl up at home and watch the Witcher (or your mutual favourite show).

I mean, sure. He’s a bit rough around the edges, but Geralt’s kind of a romantic, right? Okay, not so much. But still, it’s not every day we get such a good show based on a game, so it’s a great pick for sharing with your player 2!

Of course, it doesn’t have to be specifically the Witcher. Any favourite show will do! I just chose this one because we recently watched it together and it was lovely.

Head to an arcade for some old-fashioned fun.

Sometimes all you need is a handful of quarters and Space Invaders for a lovely Valentine’s Day. If you live near an arcade or other venue with a few arcade-style games, grab your spare change and your Valentine and see who can get the high score.

Find the perfect geeky card (or make one!).

Personally, I’m terrible at choosing cards, so I try to avoid it. In our three years together, I’ve never once actually bought a card for Shane. Instead, I make cards based on the geeky things I know he loves!

It doesn’t have to be a grand production; a quick Google search and a printer (and some markers if you don’t have a colour printer) is all you really need to make this sweet gesture.

Plan a nerdy day trip.

If you work full-time, this one might have to get put off until the weekend, but planning a nice day trip for you and your player 2 is a great way to celebrate. Find a few places in your town or in a town nearby that fit with your geeky interests, and have an adventure together!

Or, plan a longer magical vacation.

If you want to make a bigger thing of the day than a day trip, planning a longer getaway is a massively romantic gesture! You might already have the perfect idea in mind, or you could try looking for places that fit your geeky interests that have more to do than you could do in a day.

Have a Lego date.

Who doesn’t love Lego? Even if a vacation or getaway isn’t in the realm of possibility, you and your loved one can always work together to build your own dream locale while making a dangerous foot-trap on your living room floor with Lego. 

Not that I’m going to be building myself a Hogwarts or anything…

Break out your favourite two-player game.

If you have a game that you regularly play as a couple, or that you always come back to, Valentine’s Day is great for pulling it out and playing together. After all, nothing says “love” like destroying the entire existence of demonic races together in Diablo 3, right?

Or, try a two-player game you've never played before.

Sometimes, you just get sick of all the same games. I know that for me and Shane especially, few things are as fun and relationship-building as trying to learn new things and new games together! It can get a little frustrating depending on the game, but the feeling when you succeed is worth it.

Pick your favourite geeky treat and make it together.

Does your favourite game have an iconic food or dessert? Try to make it together! You’ll most likely be able to find a recipe for it worth trying online, and if not, you could even try your hand at coming up with the recipe together.

It’s fun, delicious (hopefully), and will most likely involve less yelling than a round of Overcooked.

Make a movie-themed dinner together.

Yes, this is inspired a little bit by Kevin and Pam’s ultrafeast from the Office. Planning a three-course meal inspired by your favourite movies, or by movies that mean something to the two of you, both means fun in the kitchen and a romantic dinner after.

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