Food for thought: My favourite gaming-friendly fall snacks

For me, snacking is something that almost always happens when I’m gaming—but it’s also something that needs to be meticulously managed. After all, there’s nothing that bugs me more than sticky controllers and keyboards!

So I’m always very strategic about my snacks and which ones are good for while I’m gaming.

In fall, though, that strategy always gets tested because it’s one of the best seasons for snacks. So today, as I sit here in our new home and snack on all the fall goodies I can get my hands on, I thought I’d share a few of my favourite gaming-friendly ones!

Halloween candy

Unfortunately, Halloween’s been cancelled here this year because of the pandemic—but the stores still have plenty of Halloween candy!

I personally love when chocolate bars and candies come in small packages, both because it means I don’t risk chocolate bits getting everywhere from bigger chocolate bars and because it’s just enough to handle any cravings when they come up.

And this is really the only time of year to get that kind of snackage, so I’ll likely load up now that we have lots of storage space.

Pumpkin seeds

This is a bit of an about-face from the unhealthiness of Halloween candy, but pumpkin seeds are another favourite snack of mine.

I always roast the ones we get from emptying out our Jack-o-lanterns, and with a bit of salt and olive oil, they make a really great alternative to chips that don’t get nearly as much grease on your fingers—and subsequently your controllers and keyboards.

Baked goodies

I adore fall because it signals the start of baking season for me! And of course, those baked snacks tend to be a favourite for me while I work my way through a crafting spree in FFXIV.

I’m especially fond of my mom’s pumpkin bars, which are basically pumpkin brownies and though they would likely cause a mess, I like to be quite proper and use a plate and fork when I’ve got them at my desk.

Bonus: Butterbeer!

It’s not a snack, but snacks will inevitably make you thirsty—and that’s when I like to have a nice mug of Butterbeer on hand.

What’s your favourite fall snack?

One thought on “Food for thought: My favourite gaming-friendly fall snacks

  1. My favorite Fall snack are sour pumpkins from Williams-Sonoma and these orange/chocolate disks from See’s Candy! But also anything sour and anything caramel apple.

    For gaming I go for Mike & Ike’s, Jordan Almonds, Hot Cheetos and Peanut M&M’s! Anything that’s easy to pop in my mouth and won’t make my hand sticky. I wipe down my controller and keyboard frequently but same. Stickiness in general just bothers me.

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