The end of a decade: My goals for Year 29

I think this is the first time in the entire history of my blog that regular post day has landed on my birthday, so that’s exciting! And I wanted to do something a little different for it, just because of that.

Today, I turn 29.

It’s kind of a big deal for me, because it’s my last year of being in my twenties. It’s the end of what was actually a really big decade for me, where I learned how to party like a true university student, started my career in two different intern positions, and learned how to live on my own for the first time.

Now, at the end of that decade, I’m looking at a year that promises to be just as big as the rest of them.

Shane and I are going through our first year as actual homeowners, and experiencing all the fun that goes along with that. We’ve already learned some very important lessons about cleaning up leaves and shoveling snow!

On top of that, we’re in full wedding planning mode (it’s officially going down next September), and I’m hoping beyond all hope that the pandemic won’t get in the way. It feels like so many other experiences of my twenties, where I sort of bumbled along without any clue what I was doing and hoped for the best.

And through this big year, I have some goals for myself.

If I know anything about myself after our home-buying experience this past year, it’s that when something big is going on, I fixate. That big thing becomes my sole reason for being, and consumes all my consciousness.

So I guess you could say my first goal is to learn how to chill. I don’t want that sort of fixation to happen with our wedding—I want to be able to take time and enjoy it!

My second goal is to get back in the habit of doing Instagram and YouTube content. I know I’ve kind of fallen off with it this year, but I do genuinely miss doing it. Especially lately, as I’ve started to discover the best spots in our new home for photography—and I’m starting to figure out out how different my editing process is going to be.

It’s just a heck of a lot less work, I’ve found so far!

And lastly, my third goal is something I’m going to accomplish this year if it kills me: The expansion to blogging content I’ve been planning since I did my brand relaunch in July. It became something my brain just couldn’t handle; I’d look at my list of topics and I’d fall into a spiral of not knowing where to start.

Now, though, I know I can do it and how I’m going to do it. You may even see some of it crop up this week!

What goals have you set for yourself for 2021?

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