This week’s big news: We’re getting married!

Earlier last week, I kind of mentioned that I’d have some big news to share with you guys. And as I’m sure you surmised from the title, here it is!

Shane and I are officially engaged!

So it’s a cute story.

The last few weeks have been super hectic, as we finished the rather arduous legal process of buying our house and then got ourselves through the move. The last few days before we moved were especially trying, as we got down to the point where it didn’t matter what else happened—everything had to go in a box.

Then, actual moving day was a little bit of a circus, as I spent most of the day directing family members with boxes and furniture and feeling like I wasn’t doing enough to help.

After we were all done with the moving, though, we were sitting down for dinner when Shane came up to me with a housewarming gift from his aunt. I happily dug in, finding an innocuous bottle of champagne that I assumed was for our new home (I know now it was actually for the next part) and a selection of tasty-looking beer.

Then, he told me he had a housewarming gift for me, too, and handed me a small, beautifully wrapped box.

I opened it to find a beautiful ring and the love of my life on one knee in front of me.

And obviously, I said yes!

So now, another adventure begins.

We’re taking a little bit of time to enjoy our new home and the fact that we’re engaged now, but in a few weeks, the wedding planning will have to start! We’re hoping to get married next fall, since it’s our favourite season, and weddings typically take about a year to plan properly.

And of course, because I have no chill, as my sister lovingly puts it, I’ve already lined up a trunk show visit for today.

I can’t wait to start planning our perfectly geeky wedding (I already have a few ideas for it!), and I can’t wait to share the journey with you guys too!

4 thoughts on “This week’s big news: We’re getting married!

  1. I can not wait to follow along on your new journey! A million congrats!

    I wish I could go back and do mine over and actually have a wedding; maybe I’ll write about why I didn’t some day lol.

    Your ring is sooo adorable too! I love how unique the design is!

    I can’t wait to see all your wedding related posts lol! Your ring is GORGEOUS!!! I’m so excited for you guys! Did you ever do a post on how you met each other?

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