Return of the Dragonsong: Making a comeback for Pathfinder!

Back in October 2019, I posted about a build for Pathfinder’s Kingmaker story that I was pretty excited about. I’d put a lot of work into coming up with the Dragonsong, a potentially potent combination of bard, fighter, and a third-party prestige class called the dragon fury.

I spent hours figuring it out, carefully considering every possible feat and requirement I’d need to max it as quickly as possible. And, of course, timing it carefully so all my extra fighter feats lined up with the right skill and stat levels!

And yes, even then, technically even then the build wasn’t really finished until level 23, which most games never reach.

But that didn’t stop me from writing it all out anyway!

The original tale of Diana

Originally, when I made the Dragonsong, it was supposed to be a backup character because well, Kingmaker is notoriously unforgiving. Most parties that take it on will go through a few characters!

I forget exactly why now, but I decided to retire Artemis, my warpriest, and bring in Diana instead. I was probably just too excited, to be honest.

Despite that, though, Diana did not get very far. We made it to the first major bandit camp, and courtesy of a critical hit by the one named enemy in said camp, she very literally got disarmed, which kind of sucks for a two-hand fighter.

Shortly after that, our crew stopped playing Kingmaker because of holidays and then the pandemic, so Diana disappeared into a binder in our D&D cabinet. But now, it looks like she might get another chance!

And now, the sequel!

Recently, we reconnected with a group we used to play with. They’ve been working through a Pathfinder campaign themselves, and were a little short on players, so it sounds like we’re going to join them.

We’d need characters, though, and it was rather last-minute, so I figured I’d restart with an existing build in the interest of time!

It does mean we’ll be coming in at around level 12, so I have some work to do to get everything all added to a character sheet. Whenever I start a character at a level other than one, I like to go through each individual level-up to make sure I haven’t missed anything.

Luckily, most of the hard work is done in my build; it’s just a matter of making sure I don’t miss any stat increases or anything.

And fingers crossed, this time she lasts longer! I think this build really has a lot of potential, so I’m excited to bring her in at a sturdier level to see if I’m right. I’ll keep you guys posted!

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