Shakespearean studio apartment

So I don’t know that I shared this after all my excitement about Empyreum housing, but I actually lost both my own bid and our FC’s bid for a new house in Empyreum.

I won’t lie, at first I was kind of sad about it because I’d worked so hard to be able to participate—but as I thought about it, I realized that at least we lost to actual people, not a bug, so it wasn’t so bad. There will be other chances!

And with that newfound optimism in my heart, I decided to clean out my apartment in the Lavender Beds and move myself to a new apartment in Empyreum. I loved what I saw in the apartments I’d been creeping, and I wanted to try out building in them for myself!

Working with natural features

I love the trim and paneling they created for Empyreum homes. I can’t say I’d ever wished I could move trim from one house to another, but now I definitely wish I could! There’s just something so classic about it, and it’s the kind of trim that I wanted to show off rather than cover up.

So for this build, I focused on creating an aesthetic that would fit the existing style.

Shakespearean influence

Maybe I was still riding on my wave of creativity after exploring dark academia, but as I thought about this design and considered what I could do to fit the style, I landed on trick bookshelf partitions. Originally, I wanted to use them to decorate the sides of the fireplace, but it didn’t take long for me to figure out they’d open through any walls I constructed, and that was no good.

So instead, I decided to turn them around, which got me experimenting with using them as framework rather than full partitions—and ultimately, I ended up with something that feels a lot like the trip I took to Shakespeare’s Globe in 2016.

Secret areas

I have always been a sucker for secret areas, probably thanks to my early exposure to Harry Potter computer games. I was excited about the possibilities as soon as I saw the trick bookshelf partition, and got to work with this build!

Though one secret is a bathroom that I’m sure most people would find, the less-obvious secrets are on either side of the fireplace, where the trick bookshelf partitions open up to a sunset view on a small Juliet balcony. Yes, another intentional nod to the Shakespearean vibe.