Welcome, fall: My favourite ways to change things up for autumn

The seasons are changing—and that means good things for content, both on blogs and social media. I’ve always been a fan of changing up content as the seasons change because well, you can’t do the exact same thing all year round, right?

I especially love changing things when fall hits because with it comes pumpkins and spice and everything nice. It’s chock-full of the cozy vibes we all love, fun holidays to celebrate, and what I’ve always thought was a bigger shift in people’s personal interests than most other seasons.

So today, I thought I’d share some of my favourite ways to welcome fall into my content so you can try them out, too. 

Celebrate the great indoors.

For many of us nerds, the great indoors is all there is. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t appreciate it as summer winds down and indoors becomes the default for the rest of the world too!

If you’re looking for ways to shake it up as we all move inside, try thinking about hobbies and activities that can include your non-gamer friends and family members too—things like board games, shows, or even gateway video games that could introduce them to the wide world of gaming. After all, they’ve been out and about all summer, so they might like something more relaxed and cozy to do together as the weather cools off.

Not that that’s how we got my mom hooked on Animal Crossing or anything.

Create a cozy aesthetic.

I’m always up for a good aesthetic, and fall is one of my favourite themes in general. It’s all about warm, inviting colours and textures that make your viewers and readers feel it through their screens.

This could include traditional accents like fallen leaves, dried flowers, and pumpkins (all of which make regular appearances on my blog, so traditional isn’t bad!), but you could also go more unique routes like a limited-time palette of warm colours, candles and soft or knit textures, or even subtler additions like warm wood textures and ceramics with matte finishes instead of glossy.

One of my favourite tactics is to use elements of the hygge design movement. The movement itself is all about focusing on ways to relax, remove yourself from the day-to-day grind, and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. That often looks like the little things I enjoy throughout the day; whatever I’ve seen that gives me a warm feeling or makes me pause for a few moments. Books, nice cups of coffee, and yarn are solid picks, though it will look different for everyone.

Lean in on holidays and themes.

Fall certainly is a busy season, and there’s plenty to celebrate! By focusing your content on what’s going on, you can give readers fun context for what you’re saying—and draw attention by talking about something they’re already excited for.

There are two ways you can go with this:

  1. Fall-themed topics
  2. Topics specifically focused on a holiday

For example, you could write about different games you enjoy playing in the fall, or you could get more specific and talk about great games to play on Halloween or while the family’s gathered for Thanksgiving.


How do you change things up with your content for fall?

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