A mid-month update: What I’ve been doing outside of Blogtober

This month has been pretty busy, and it’s kind of hard to believe it’s already October 16. So far, I haven’t missed a day of my Blogtober challenge, and I won’t lie, I’m pretty proud of that!

I did find myself a little stuck for ideas today, because I was silly and didn’t follow my own advice about planning it all out. I had a general idea, yes, but I also know that I tend to need a bit of wiggle room in a strict schedule, or else I get exhausted of it.

So I don’t have anything particularly fancy planned for today—just little updates on the things that have been going on outside of daily writing!

I’m almost done my island sanctuary.

I know the island sanctuary is supposed to be casual content, but well, that doesn’t stop me trying to grind it out as fast as I can! By now, I’ve got all my facilities upgraded, and it’s just a matter of waiting for the workshops to do their thing until I reach rank 20.

I’ll be honest, I’m a little torn on the look of the new buildings. It seems like they went for a real Bestways Burrow vibe, and although it is neat, I’m still emotionally attached to the IV series and their Crystarium aesthetic.

Not that I’m still wishing for Crystarium housing or anything.

I’ve been working on some holiday sweaters.

While I’ve been a fond crocheter for about two years now, I’ve spent a lot of time the last few weeks teaching myself how to knit—which, full disclosure, is a lot less natural for me than crochet was!

As far as I’m concerned, though, it’ll be worth it, because the entire reason behind learning it is to make Christmas sweaters à la Molly Weasley for Shane and myself this year. I’m feeling a little stressed about the timing, but if I buckle down and really hit the needles, I should be able to get them done in time.

And when I do, I’ll be sure to share!

I’ve been a little sick.

I don’t always get sick, but when I do, it involves a lot of naptime. I’m fairly sure it was just a mild flu or something, but it was enough that I’ve been sleeping about 12 hours every day for the last three or four days.

I won’t lie, it’s been a little frustrating just because I get very defensive of my time, and I don’t love when forces outside of my control mess with it. But at least it seems the worst is behind me now!

Also, it was absolutely nothing like when I got insanely sick on our honeymoon, so I’m going to count that as a win.


What have you been up to lately?

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