3 ways to use Pinterest for your D&D adventures

I had originally intended to spend this week focusing on D&D things, partially because I’m excited about it with the season and partially because I have a ton of ideas stashed away from the one time a few years ago that I wanted to do a monthly challenge like Blogtober for D&D things.

That didn’t happen, but hey, I figure this is the perfect opportunity to get caught up!

And even though I got a little distracted yesterday, we’re back on track today with the many, many ways that I use my current favourite social media platform to level up my D&D game.

Use #1: Finding character inspiration

I touched on this earlier this week, but often when I’m looking for a character portrait for an idea I have, I end up finding portraits that I don’t have an idea for yet but feel like I could. There are so many different boards and different art styles on Pinterest that there’s bound to be something to inspire you.

I may or may not also have several of my own boards tucked away with ideas sorted by the personality type I think they could have, so I can slot them in when I have a random build idea.

Use #2: Campaign planning

This is more for the dungeon masters among us, but Pinterest is also a great resource for planning your campaigns. From storyboarding and plot ideas to homebrew rules you might want to incorporate, item and name generators, and more, there are all kinds of fun resources to help build out campaigns for your table.

I particularly enjoy finding homebrew additions from other games, like this idea for the Nameless Goose as a random encounter.

You can also find fun things like map ideas for your dungeons, or even ideas for creating your own custom or modular maps and tiles.

Use #3: Adding fluff to characters and campaigns

Half the fun of D&D is the things you didn’t expect. The little details, the strange exchanges, the traits and flaws that evolve a character or a party over time.

Pinterest is a treasure trove of things that you can use to add a little extra flavour, like conversation guides for NPCs, additional features like regional quirks, quizzes that show you what your background or class says about you, and much more!

As much as we might think about Pinterest as the home of recipe cards and haircut ideas, it’s definitely got a geeky side, too. I hope this helps you bring that side out for your campaigns and characters!

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