My fall watchlist: What’s been on the TV so far

It’s kind of hard to believe October is almost over, but it’s only a few days now until Halloween. The houses in our neighbourhood have been seeing more and more ghosts and ghouls and pumpkins showing up on their porches, and I’ve seen at least a few kids getting excited and wearing their costumes already!

Meanwhile, I’ve been happily curled up indoors, keeping my hands busy and the TV rolling. I’ve actually really been enjoying the variety that’s shown up on our streaming services this month—it’s keeping me away from just repeating the same show over and over.

So today, I thought I’d share what I’ve been watching this month.

The Devil on Trial

This documentary, which I think is a Netflix exclusive, is neat because it’s the real story behind the plot of the latest Conjuring movie.

I was never really big on horror movies until I met Shane, and when he started bringing me into it, I quickly learned that paranormal was my preferred genre. It’s a little bit because it’s often the least gory and gross, and a little bit because there’s that part of me that wonders how much of it is really out there.

Among paranormal movies, I really like ones that involve Ed and Lorraine Warren, who were an actual demonologist and medium. This documentary features them as the ones who helped a kid and his family through a demonic possession, and even though sure, there are other explanations, it’s kind of neat to learn about and think about.

Get Gotti

Like many early-30s women who fit the stereotype, I love me a good true crime story, and this new addition on Netflix has been particularly captivating. It hits so many of the key plot points for a true crime—but what really gets me is the way the story highlights the era.

It does a good job of giving you the feeling of a time when cops and mob bosses alike had to constantly fight to get the upper hand on each other while the bosses ran shady businesses from their personal nightclubs, not unlike certain characters of Gotham City. It’s just wild to think about it being real and not just, you know, the Penguin.

Troy (and a variety of older movies)

I’ve been seeing more and more movies from the late ‘90s and early ‘00s turning up lately, and I am loving it. I started rewatching Troy for the first time since my grade 11 history class last night, and I’ve started building a list of others to catch up on, including Titanic—which I originally watched as a teenager for the love story, and am now fascinated by for what actually happened with the sinking—and slightly cringier ones like Miss Congeniality.

Let the second-hand embarrassment commence.

And last but not least:

The Fall of the House of Usher

It seemed right to close out this list with another spooky sort of show, and that’s exactly what I’m expecting from the fourth show from the series that started with The Haunting of Hill House. So far, I’ve found the shows to be scary, but not beyond what I could handle watching on my own, if that sets any sort of scale for my fellow scaredy-cats.

I’m especially interested in this one because it’s loosely based on a short story by Edgar Allen Poe, who just happens to have also been the inspiration for my favourite League of Legends champion, Swain.

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