How to float entire furniture arrangements in FFXIV with wooden lofts

How to Float Entire Furniture Arrangements in FFXIV with Wooden Lofts-feature

Since I posted about the new wooden loft item in Final Fantasy XIV a few weeks ago, a lot of you have been asking me about how to float things like furniture on top of those lofts. It was a pretty good question, because if we’re being honest here, I never even figured out how to do it on the old loft method.

So I did some digging, and after many YouTube videos, incomplete articles, FAQs, and more attempts and failures than I really want to talk about, I finally figured it out!

It’s actually a heck of a lot easier than the old methods, from what I can tell. (I tried to figure it out once. Once.) And instead of floating individual items and hoping it looks all right when you’re done, you can actually float entire furniture arrangements at once!

So for those of you who have been asking, here is how you float things on top of wooden lofts in FFXIV!

20 thoughts on “How to float entire furniture arrangements in FFXIV with wooden lofts

    1. Hey sorry for the late reply! It definitely still works, mind if I ask what it’s doing for you? I might be able to help 🙂

  1. I’ve been trying it just recently & at least in Shirogane with the default walls, a flooring mat and a hingan bed the mat/rug will float on the platform but the bed stays stubbornly on the floor.

    One difference I noticed to your video is that I can’t get the loft down right by the floor as you are doing. If I try to place it any lower than the baseboard pattern it won’t place at all.

    I haven’t tried any other furniture on top of the rug yet, but I’m speculating that it might be related to the furniture piece and/or the minimum height you can get on the loft…

    1. Hey! So the key thing I realize I forgot to mention in the video is that I’m working with stage panels for the loft, not a default wall. They don’t have any baseboards or anything, so that’s how you’ll get it right down to the ground and then the glitch should work just as I’ve shown it! 🙂

      1. Works like a charm. If you don’t want the stage panel when you’re done, I suggest removing it once you’re above the baseboards, since removing it will also remove the loft attached to it. Then just keep place-Escape moving the loft up the actual wall to where you want it.

  2. Heya, I’ve managed to bug out the loft in a bad way 🙁 It won’t get stashed now, it keeps saying that there are items placed on it even though I’ve stashed all that have been on it, but it still won’t go, saying there’s stuff on it :c Do you know how to fix this? Thanks!!!

    1. Well that’s a new one on me! Hmm. Is there a chance it’s attached to another loft or a wooden beam? Sometimes they can attach to each other and that registers as having an item on the loft.

      1. Well funny thing, there was a pair of hingan brushes INSIDE the thing, it was pretty fun getting them out XD

  3. Heya, have you tried this in the today’s patch of 5.35? I’ve relocated house and trying to refurnish it how I used to have it in the previous house, doing everything as before (that was always successful), now the item just stays inside the wooden loft and won’t budge no matter what I do. Do you know if they fixed the glitch? Or am I just out of practice :c

    1. Hey, thanks for asking! I am currently working on setting up my PC after our move this weekend so I haven’t been on at all yet, but once I do that I will check! Tbh it’s not likely they patched it, but if it’s being a problem you might have more luck with the riviera shelf method in the meantime 🙂 it’s similar but it’s been around for years and they’ve never patched it.

      1. I’ve tried, but same result :c It only lifted the stage panel (funny enough) once, but that’s it. It’s sad really :/ I hope you’ll find out it still works and that I’m just a boop!

      2. Hey! I did just check and it looks like it’s working normally. The one thing I thought of was since you moved, are you trying to use the loft from your storage? Or maybe from just wherever it spawned in the house? I def did that at first and it doesn’t work, may or may not have given myself a mini heart attack 😅

  4. Hey, bugging again ^^ I probably need a better way to ask you things XD Would you know if you can float the loft itself? I’m trying to make a second floor in the downstairs of my house and obviously I can make it go as far as the loft reaches, but not really anywhere else. Do you know if that’s possible? Or would I have to just use some mats/rugs to create the floor? Thanks for all your tips and the blog itself, it’s absolutely awesome and thanks to all your tips and tricks, people keep fawning over the houses I design :3 Hail to the housing master! \o/

  5. I just wanted to say how amazing and helpful you are! Your float tutorials have been my go-tos for housing design; so easy to follow. Thank you for sharing your magic with us! c:

  6. Thank you for sharing!

    One IMPORTANT distinction I noticed on PS4: it’s not the circle button, but the “Options” button!

    I was about to go crazy when it didn’t work for the umpteenth time, so sharing for any PS4 users stumbling over this guide. o/

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