3 things I need in a gaming room

Well, I missed another day yesterday! Darn. But on the plus side, it’s primarily because I’ve been away from my computer all week, not because I ran out of time or energy or anything, and that’s what matters to me as far as my goals for this challenge. And though I brought my laptop, I can’t remember for the life of me where the charger is…so we’ll see how this goes.

We’ve got less than a week now until moving day, which means I’m starting to daydream about our gaming space! And it wouldn’t really be me if I didn’t have a few ideas of what I want in that space.

Now, even though I haven’t gone as far as to sketch it out in the Sims 4 yet, here’s what I’m thinking we’ll need for the ultimate gaming room.

Somewhere comfy to sit!

I am the queen of nesting (just ask Shane!), which is exactly what it sounds like: You wrap yourself up in as many blankets and cozy things as you can find, and settle in for a long, super-comfy gaming session.

And if you’re going to do that, you’re going to need somewhere equally comfy to sit. Usually I’m perfectly happy building a pillow fort of sorts on our couch, but now I’m starting to look into chairs and things. Like Urban Barn around here literally has a nest chair and I’m so into it.

Neutral colours.

This isn’t something I would have said previously, since our neutral-ish yellow beige nonsense has been crying out for a change since the day I moved in.

But since our house from the 1960s comes with a matching palette, including the brightest aqua blue I’ve ever seen, it’s shown me just how important it is to me to have a neutral space—one where the focus of the room is the game, not the colours on the wall.

Lots and lots of storage.

I touched on this a little bit when I was talking about the new TV bench we were looking at, but the whole problem I have with our gaming storage right now is that it’s the jewel case equivalent of when you stuff all your socks into the drawer haphazardly just because your mom told you do and you don’t really want to do it.

So one thing I know we’ll need is lots of proper storage—the kind that makes logical sense, and also gives us a way to actually display things like figurines.

What would you want in your dream gaming room?

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