Just another manic Monday: Catching up on posts and paint!

So as it turns out, I made it exactly two days into Blogtober before things fell off! Though I did manage to write posts for Saturday and Sunday, they didn’t make it to the publishing part, so today I’m catching up on that.

I know that’s probably not exactly the spirit of Blogtober, but it matters to me since this is a challenge I set for myself!

This weekend ended up being incredibly busy, because though we aren’t moving into our new home until Saturday this week, we’ve been absorbed in the process of getting it ready.

And so you know what I mean by that, here’s a look at what the house looked like when we started:

Our living room, complete with mirror-portal

The, um, sunny kitchen

The main bedroom with its vivid purple and stark contrast

And my future office space


This probably isn’t terribly surprising to most of you, but I am not so big on the bright, vibrant colours, so this weekend involved a lot of painting.

I spent a few days last week picking out the new colours, which turned out to be very heavily influenced by how I design in the Sims 4, and Shane and his dad went absolutely nuts over the last two days getting most of the house ready.

I have a few things to finish out this week still—including a few accent walls and an adventure into spray paint DIY today like a true Animal Crossing champ—but I can’t wait to show you guys when it’s all said and done!

One thought on “Just another manic Monday: Catching up on posts and paint!

  1. Can’t wait to see what you turn this space into! I’m not big on bright colors either. My in laws have rooms that are painted bright green and idk, it always just throws me off. Like can ya’ll paint that something ELSE? ANYTHING else?!

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