PSA: The FFXV crossover event is back in FFXIV!

One of the things I love about ongoing games like FFXIV is that they’re chock-full of fun seasonal and timed events, which gives players something to look forward to outside of the daily grind.

I tend to like the holiday-based events best, like this year’s Valentione’s Day event that gave players an adorable moogle minion with a heart-shaped pom. 

I don’t usually get too involved in game crossover events though, mostly because I often don’t play the game involved. That said, I did enjoy the last iteration of the Yo-kai Watch event just because of how ridiculous the weapons and minions were!

One that I sort of did (but not really) was the crossover event with Final Fantasy XV back in 2019. I wasn’t really into it because I’d never played the game outside of absolutely sucking at the tutorial, but the reward was an outfit and I’ll do anything for a good glam. I didn’t finish it at the time, though, so I didn’t get the whole outfit.

After the event was over, I started seeing all these neat glam ideas featuring Noctis’ jacket from the event. It was one of the pieces I hadn’t gotten, but usually event items show up on the online store about a year after the event, so I saved the glam ideas for later and waited.

In early 2020 though, a year after the event, nothing showed up. I kept watching and checking for months, but nothing. All I could find online was that when things don’t show up in the store, there’s a chance of them coming back to the game instead.

I realized I’d be waiting an indeterminate amount of time, because well, it’s not like Square Enix ever publishes an event schedule.

So then I totally forgot about it—until recently.

The week before our wedding, the news came out that the FFXV event was finally returning to FFXIV, two and a half years after it originally debuted. And you guessed it, I was up at 6 a.m. getting that jacket I’d waited so long for!

So now, I figured I’d share the news of the event, just in case anyone else has been waiting. It’s running until October 18 at 7:59 a.m. PDT (a detail I always forget and then I miss the cutoff), and features Noctis’ entire outfit, his hairstyle, and the Regalia, a four-person mount modeled after the car from FFXV.

Happy glam hunting!

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