7 more of my favourite resources for Final Fantasy XIV

It’s been quite some time since I shared resources for keeping track of things in Final Fantasy XIV, and well, the number of things to keep track of since then has skyrocketed. After all, the original post was before both Shadowbringers and Endwalker, before blue mages and island sanctuaries and who knows what else.

And if the notepad with a tally system didn’t work then, it really doesn’t work now.

So today, I thought I’d share some more of my favourite resources for my favourite MMO!

Eorzea Collection

I’ve really gotten into the whole glamour-is-the-real-end-game vibe, and like any good fashionista, that means I love browsing through magazines for ideas. Unfortunately, there aren’t any physical fashion magazines for FFXIV that I can get my hands on, but Eorzea Collection is the next best thing.

It lets you filter glamours by your character’s race, gender, and even class to help you find things that work for what you’re looking for. Then, when you look at a specific glamour, it helps you figure out where to find the items, too.

As a bonus, it lets you save things for later—which is a feature I use both to earmark neat glamours I want to try out, and to save the ones of mine I’ve had to rotate out of my glamour dresser.

Garland Tools

Back when I originally shared my resources, I didn’t know this site was a thing—but if I had, you can bet it would have made the list instead of those long wiki lists of mining and botany nodes.

I use two of the resources on this site pretty regularly: Garland Bell for finding and tracking both hidden and ephemeral nodes (and for giving me audible cues when they’re ready), and Garland Data for making detailed and trackable lists for my crafting sprees.

I do find I have to manage Garland Data a little when I’m working with intermediary crafts like ingots, because if you try to craft them before you have all the materials and put that into the tracker, it’ll double up and you’ll come up short for the final craft. But that’s easy enough to work around.

Ariyala’s Final Fantasy XIV Toolkit

If you’re planning on pentamelding your gear (or even just melding, for that matter), then this site will be your best friend. Ariyala’s Toolkit lets you plan out your character’s gear and the materia you want to meld, so you can plan for the best possible stats for what you need to do. It’s also much easier to rearrange materia without having to remove it and risk losing it.

I especially love this site for planning crafter and gatherer melds just because you typically need to make sure you reach specific stats for higher-level materials and crafts, and I like to reach those stats without relying on food if possible.

A word to the wise: It does tend to wipe your plans if you restart your browser, so make sure when you’re done, you click Share down at the bottom, and then use the link it creates to access your build. It will remember specific links!

FFXIV Collect

I do love a good checklist, and this is the most intense one I’ve seen. FFXIV Collect tracks collectables in FFXIV, from mounts and minions to hairstyles and emotes, and even blue mage spells. I’ve found it typically updates pretty quickly, too—usually within a few days of a major patch.

My favourite part is that you can connect it to your Lodestone account and it can read through what you’ve already unlocked—so you don’t have to go through and do it all manually before you can start using the site.

Thonky’s rare animal tracker

This site, which generally does have a lot of great resources for FFXIV players, pulled out all the stops with the island sanctuary and somehow pulled together a series of timers and maps, using in-game time and weather tracking, for all the rare creatures you can capture for your pasture.

Though I really only pull it up when a patch brings us new critters, it’s been instrumental in filling my island with weird spriggans, pteranodons, and soon, hopefully a morbol.

Housing Snap

You didn’t think I’d make a resource list without something related to housing, did you? Housing Snap is more or less a user contribution site that collects up gorgeous housing designs from all over Eorzea. I love to scroll through when I’m looking for a new idea, or sometimes just because!

It’s worth noting that the site by default is only in Japanese, so unless you can read it, you’ll want to make sure your browser can translate it for you.

FFXIV Housing

This site is a repository of all the housing items available in FFXIV, including things like wallpapers, flooring, paintings, and chandeliers, and can help you figure out where to find the furnishings you’re eyeing up.

Though it’s likely not its intended purpose, I also love using it to identify items (primarily their textures and details) used in some of the complex custom builds I find on Housing Snap.

Honourable mention

The chocobo calculator from my original post is still a great resource! They’ve changed it a little over the years, with the most useful change being that they made the feeding lists for fruits into a checklist. I haven’t used it myself in a few years, though; I mostly use it to help friends dye their chocobos these days.

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