My crafty world: The geeky projects I’m working on

Just yesterday, I shared my current watchlist with you—and in the beginning of that post, I mentioned that I was doing two things while staying curled up indoors. Catching up on my shows and movies was only half of the story!

So what’s the other half of the story? Well, I’ve been keeping my hands busy, too—a bit with gaming, but lately, it’s been a lot of crafting for geeky purposes. And today, I thought I’d share a little progress update on those projects, both what I’m working on and what’s next in the crafting queue.

What I’m working on: Holiday jumpers

In my mid-month update, I mentioned I was working on some holiday sweaters like Molly Weasley made for Harry for his first Christmas at Hogwarts. Though they’re not quite done yet, I thought I’d share a progress update because they’ve come pretty far in the last two weeks!

Technically, I started these sweaters back in January, but I got to about a quarter of the way up the back panel before I had a little panic about not knowing what I was doing, and I didn’t pick them up again until around the start of October.

So just this month, I’ve now got one almost completely done. And once I’m done mine, I’ll know what to do better for Shane’s!

What I finished: Desk mittens

Okay, yes. They’re just fingerless gloves.

I actually originally made them to keep my hands warm while I’m working, but I’ve learned since that they’re just as effective for gaming sessions in the basement when I can’t tuck my hands into a blanket.

I might still tweak them a little because the way they’re designed means they sometimes stretch out near the top. It would be nice to have a firmer trim on them, so they stay closer to my chilly little fingers!

What’s next in the queue: Tanjiro Kamado’s haori

I won’t lie, half the reason I end up with new projects is because I see yarn on sale, and that’s kind of what happened here.

After our niece started talking about Halloween costumes and mentioned Nezuko from Demon Slayer, we started talking about how easy it would be for Shane to match as Tanjiro, and eventually, I ended up buying yarn.

They’re not going as that anymore, but he’s still excited about the idea of having a haori-style jacket like the one Tanjiro wears. It’ll be a nice, relaxing project after the rush of the holiday sweaters; it’s pretty easy to whip up squares and stitch them together like that with crochet, after all!

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