On Tuesday mornings, cardboard boxes, and being a total (happy) mess

Tuesday mornings can be a little hit or miss with me. Ever since I first started my blog, Tuesday has been my day to publish a new post. I know it’s pretty unlikely that anyone out there is keeping track, but honestly, it’s more or less a way for me to keep myself accountable.

Now, normally Tuesday mornings can go one of two ways.

They can be fantastically easy, because I had everything written and ready a week ago, and it’s just a matter of sending my latest brainwave out into the world. Those are my favourite mornings.

Then, they can be like this morning, where I had nothing ready and I’m sitting with an oversized coffee in one hand and my laptop in the other, trying to figure out a topic or write the topic or both.

Usually, those types of mornings stress me out, but today, I actually kind of like it.

And that’s because things aren’t going according to plan.

That sounds kind of bad, but let me tell you what I mean.

Back in October or November last year, I put myself through an exercise to plan out the whole year of 2020 in blog post topics. It was probably the most cathartic thing, and for a long while, it was so incredibly helpful.

When the pandemic hit, I kind of went through and changed a few of my plans. You know, posts that would talk about in-person events that weren’t happening anymore, rearranging topics, coming up with new stuff I thought might be more relevant and helpful.

Today’s topic was actually supposed to be about using different filters to adjust photos for fall, but that just didn’t happen because in all honesty, perfect pictures aren’t at the top of my priority list these days.

For the last few weeks, my life has been a total mess of endless phone calls and emails. Figuring out the mortgage. Setting up utilities. Sorting out insurance. Talking to the lawyers. Planning what furniture and appliances we’ll need and how to get them to the house when the most trunk space we have is an ambitious little Yaris.

It’s been stressful, because there are times where I feel like I’m still 20 in my head and I can’t figure out who decided I could handle all of this. But at the same time, it’s been incredibly satisfying to know that I apparently can handle it.

And soon, it’s going to be a mess in a whole new way.

Today is the first day of September—the month where we get the keys to our house. I turned over our notice to vacate our little apartment, with all its big windows and weirdly yellow walls, yesterday. It felt very final, and pushed me rather abruptly into the next phase.

For the next few weeks, my life—and what would normally be my photo sets—is going to be a big old mess of cardboard boxes, garbage bags, and a lot of watching Marie Kondo and trying to decide what to take to the new house.

It’s not going to be pretty. It’s going to take a lot of my energy. It’s going to leave me feeling like I have nothing left to do the incredibly amateur photography I love doing. It might leave me inspired in a new way, but I’m trying not to push myself into the mindset where I feel like I have to do that.

And I don’t know the last time I was so excited about my life being upended in such a wonderful way.

So this morning, let’s do something a little different. Let’s raise our Tuesday morning coffee mugs—to change, upended plans, and finding happiness in any mess we find ourselves in.

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