Desk Quest: Building my office, and adventures in rural Ontario

One of the things I’ve been most excited about with our new house is the fact that I get to use one of the bedrooms as a real office! It might not sound super exciting, but both because I’m working from home for the foreseeable future and because of my blog, it’s a big deal for me.

Ever since we got the keys, I’ve been happily working on every room—except my office, despite all my excitement over it. And it’s all because I couldn’t find a desk.

See, with a combination of the sheer number of people working from home right now and supply chain problems, finding a desk in stock has been nearly impossible. Which in turn meant that there wasn’t any real point putting together my office until I could find one, so I put in some boxes, shut the door, and called it a day.

Then, I happened to mention it to a friend of mine—who said she had the desk I’d been trying to find, and offered it since she wasn’t using it anyway.

And so began my ambitious quest for a desk.

After a bit of coordinating, we agreed that I’d set out yesterday after work to retrieve the last piece of my office puzzle. We were planning to meet halfway, in a place that meant I’d need to take the back roads instead of the highway.

That ended up being far more enlightening about my new home than you’d think.

See, our new town is, um, a tad more rural than what we’re used to. And though I grew up in a farming community, that doesn’t mean I know all the tricks and turns.

Typically, this is the time of year that local farmers will start fertilizing, because many of the crops we grow around here get planted in the fall so they can take root and then start right away as soon as it’s warm enough.

Apparently, last night was the night that every single farmer in my new county needed to do that.

As I drove to meet my friend, it reminded me rather strongly of Mario Kart. I spent the majority of the drive dodging landmines and projectiles flying from tractors—until one tractor apparently decided to use a Blooper weapon and absolutely plastered my poor car. That was a new one to me, and I was not on board!

But even that didn’t stop my quest.

As I arrived at our meeting point in all my newly bovine-christened glory, all my friend could do was laugh at me. It was in no way graceful, and it absolutely meant I had to go through the car wash on the way home, but my poor car’s noble sacrifice made sure the rarest treasure of all made it home.

And well, if you’re worried, the car was totally fine! It was more just the realization of how dedicated I was to building an office, and the fact that of course that happened. Because why wouldn’t it.

One thought on “Desk Quest: Building my office, and adventures in rural Ontario

  1. I finally got a 2 bedroom apt because I really missed my office from my old apt. I want to change my desk I just don’t know what to and what color. I loved having a white desk but after a few moves it’s gotten super scratched up and it’s actually a drag to clean since you can see dust so much more on white.

    I also wanted to put in some bookshelves but I’m not sure what kind so my own office is on hold for a bit. I should really start putting things together though, esp before the holiday season!

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