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I’m sure you’ve seen me lament this before, but one of the things that’s always been missing from home design in FFXIV is effective kitchen counters. 

I can’t tell you how many different ways I’ve seen people get around that. Personally, I love the techniques of using a pile of Hingan sideboards and imagining, just like when I built stuff with Lego as a kid, and using the tops of marble partitions.

But these aren’t always perfect solutions.

The trouble with using the tops of partitions of any kind, for example, is that you can’t dye them. And the issue with Hingan sideboards is that they’re sort of short for a kitchen counter, and you can’t fix that unless you float the whole room.

Lately, Square Enix has been trying to address that. 

Or at least, it feels that way and I’m going to take it that way because it makes me happy.

It all started with the rustic chocobo counter, which, I won’t lie, gave me some fun ideas for a cottage-style build that I haven’t gotten around to yet. Even then, though, there were some limitations around how wide your kitchen could be, and how tall your room needed to be to hide unwanted details above your uppers.

Patch 5.55 introduced a new option that I haven’t used yet, but love the idea of: The red brick counter.

Like most of the red brick series, the brick colour is not optional. It will always and forever be firehouse red. What I do like about it, though, is that the wood at both the bottom and the top is dyeable, which makes it a really versatile option for kitchen counters.

On top of that, it’s about the right height for counters. I usually build counters to about my character’s waist, because that’s standard for me whenever I’m standing in a kitchen, and this counter sits at the perfect height for that.

Another feature I like is that the face of it is relatively flat, so it’s really easy to cover up the red brick with a white partition in the same way I do with most of my kitchen builds lately. This does cover up the super-cute open shelving, but it’s a necessary evil to appease my perpetual dislike of non-grey brick.

All in all, I’m excited to use it. Usually I’m all for marble countertops, because well, that’s what I want for our real kitchen too. It’s not even just a FFXIV thing; I do it all the time in my Sims 4 builds. But I’m definitely one to appreciate a good butcher’s-block kitchen, and already have plans to try it out in one of our houses.

Quick facts

Where to get it: Craftable by a level 80 alchemist

Dyeable: Yes!

Glitchable: Yes! It works with the lofting glitch and can be floated through floors.

5 thoughts on “Red brick counter

  1. I’m really liking the new housing stuff they’ve added lately! You can also buy a second one of those and turn it around so that you have a bit of “blank” counter. I did that and slid them together to make it look like the counter was twice as long. My one complaint about this piece was that it was so short, so putting two together helped with that.

    1. Awh thanks! 😊 it’s actually a southern kitchen, I floated the countertops (they’re marble partitions) up just high enough to cover everything but the cooktop.

  2. Hi! I was wondering how did you do the kitchen cabinets above with the horizontal and vertical dividers between cabinet doors? Thanks 🙂 Your kitchen looks lovely!

    1. Oh yeah of course! It’s actually a bunch of white rectangular partitions layered with the lower bits in front and the upper bits behind, and then the vertical lines are the tiniest bits of the corners of white rectangular partitions 😊 it was a LOT of work but honestly so worth it and I’m never taking it down lmao

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